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On Hallowine and Czech Salads.

Hurricane Sandy’s outside, and she’s turning out to be a hot mess. The rain started a few hours ago and there’s going to be a lot of wind and water. And apparently no power. For quite a few days. I felt like a kid when I got the e-mail letting me know my office is […]

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i love garnishes.

Tiny Kitchen Adventures: Vegetarian Phở

Before we moved, Shaun warned me the new kitchen was “tiny.” When I saw it for the first time, I realized I had a lesson or two to teach him about center-city apartments: the kitchen is not “tiny” by city standards. I was actually impressed! But in my excitement, I forgot about the elephant in […]

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we obviously got hot sauce on the side, too.

This Post is (Almost) All About Food and Philly.

There’s been a lot of food in my life between weddings, five days of work orientation/events and – wait for it – passing the bar. Shaun and I are excited to report [after about 24 hours of obsessively refreshing the PA Board of Law Examiners' website] that our names are actually on the list of “successful […]

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from this.

Back to Cooking, Sort of.

Before leaving for Europe I got hooked on eating raw, vegan meals. During the time around the bar exam this included mostly smoothies and simple salads with seeds, nuts, and seasonal vegetables, and raw hummus and nut butter. It was a meal plan inspired by a nutrition program I took part in at the Eat! center […]

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What I Read and Maybe You Should, Too.

One of the neat things I took advantage of while traveling through ten cities was book exchanges. I left the country with two books and returned with two different ones six weeks later. I loved finding beaches and coffee shops on/in which I could just relax and read. Over the last few years, reading for […]

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Courtney & Shaun_046_low

Wedding 101: My Final Thoughts

I find it funny when newlyweds say things like, “I LOVE being married!” It’s like marriage is some state of being rather than merely a legal recognition of a present fact, as if the relationship underwent some substantial change just because of the “I dos.” I can’t speak for Shaun, but I honestly feel no different than […]

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Kriek and Gueuze

Bruxelles, Rawr.

I’m pretty proud of myself for finding decent vegetarian and vegan food for most of our trip. It didn’t even take as much searching as I expected. There was no doubt in my mind, though, that I would be breaking veg in Brussels for moules frites. Mussels in Brussels. Which begs the question, If Brussels = Bruxelles, […]

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Amsterdam, Because Every Honeymoon Needs Style Points.

My initial thought on Amsterdam was something along the lines of, “Oh dear, I need a personal stylist and a personal trainer, immediately.” The Dutch have incredible style and 95% of the people you pass on the street are tall, fit, well-dressed and gorgeous. Sobs. My parting thought on Amsterdam was that I feel bad […]

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And it was a perfect day.

Praha, or How I Crammed A Life’s Worth of Activities into Four Days.

If you do not like Prague, you are dead to me. Prague is not an “agree to disagree” city. Prague is my favorite place in the world. Prague is my, as Liz Lemon would say, dealbreaker. I was filled with nervous energy as our overnight train from Budapest rolled into Praha hlavní nádraží [the main […]

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Crappy iPhone photo of the view.

Blood, Broken Bones and Budapest.

I’m a sucker for Eastern Europe. I’d move there in a heartbeat. The Texan real estate agent we met at a beer shop in Budapest didn’t help things when he gave us the numbers for a center-city Pest apartment.* I’ll give you a hint: it’s as cheap to buy a 2,000 square foot apartment in the […]

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